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An amazing trio of shears for multi-purpose uses, now with a swivel!  This trio of shears has a 7.5-inch swivel straight shear, 7.5-inch curved shear and 7.5-inch swivel blending shear that cut any type of hair with little effort.  We carry this line for stylists and groomers.  


These unique shears are excellent for leg shaping and body blending with ease on your hands, wrist and elbow because of the swivel of your thumb!  The curved shear is the best on the market for poodle head shaping as well.  They are lightweight and made of 440C Japanese stainelss steel with a rockwell hardness of 62HRC - 65HRC.  

Swivel Trio Shears

SKU: 7.5Swiveltrio
  • After you have recieved the shear(s), there is a 7 day grace period for the purchaser to contact The Wright Shears about any issues regarding the shear(s).  After the 7 day grace period, the shear(s) are non-refundable.  If there is an issue with them under the warranty (mechanical or metal related), that will be addressed.  

  • A lifetime warranty comes free with any shear purchased for the lifetime of the shear!  The free lifetime warranty includes material and workmanship, and in addition, when your shear is to the end of its life, and as long as you use The Wright Shears only, to service and maintain your shear, it will be replaced free of charge. 


    If The Wright Shear you purchased from our company is handled or sharpened by anyone else during its life, this warranty is null and void.  

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